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Three elements to take into account: surface, duration and function

Choosing between one type of vinyl or another involves taking into account on which surface it’s going to be be applied (flat, curved, rough, porous …), as well as its duration (short or long) and function (promotional campaigns, eventual communications …).


What type of vinyl can adhere to complex surfaces?

Because of its high adherence, the vinyl Hi-Tack has a long lifespan.

However, it is also used temporarily,for example, for future openings. Why? It’s the only viny that’s capable of adhering to complex surfaces such as the floor or plasterboard (see the images below).

Therefore, the Hi-Tack vinyl is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, but it can not be repositioned.


Is it possible to reposition a vinyl without damaging the surface?

In this case, you should opt for a vinyl that’s removable and repositionable (Ready Fix and Ready Vinyl).

It should be noted that a removable vinyl with high adhesion doesn’t exist, therefor the option of a vinyl Hi-Tack is ruled out.

As you can see the vinyl Ready Fix completely covers the graphic, making it invisible.

Both Ready Fix and Ready Vinyl leave no residue on the surface when removed or repositioned, making them ideal for covering ephemeral campaigns on existing graphics.

In addition, the thickness of the Ready Fix allows easy application without generating air bubbles. The same happens with the Ready Vinyl, but in this case, thanks to its suction points on the back.

Therefore, the Ready Fix and the Ready Vinyl are easily placed and repositioned without generating air bubbles.


How are Ready Fix and Ready Vinyl different?

Both are ideal for applications of short duration indoor.

In the case of the Ready Fix on flat surfaces, while the Ready Vinyl on rough surfaces as the wall (see in the images below), since it has a greater grip because of the suction points on the back.


Complex surfaces (pladur)

On existing graphics (flat surfaces)

On rough surfaces (wall)

Removable and repositionable

Easy bubble-free installation

Long life-span

Promotional campaigns


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